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Are You Being Played?

by Abrendal Austin

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Winners and Finalists of the first Abrendal Austin National Writing Contest

Stories/Essays category


1st place:  It's Not For You by Mary Lee

2nd place: Shining the Light by Steven Friedman


The Stoop by  Dorinda D.E Nusum

Fool's Mountain by Lynetta Moseby



1st place: Heart Repair by Marianne DeCamp

2nd place: Sestina for the Jukebox Fiend by Jamika Burnette


Above the Ruins by April Nerison

If Only She Knew
by Andrew Marshall

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Family StorytimEAbout Family StorytimE

Family Storytime is a compilation of nine short stories written by Abrendal Austin and DeAnah Moses for academic assignments and contest entries. Family Storytime allows readers of all ages to add their opinions and rewrite stories in their own ways thus giving them room for thought and an unlimited imagination. Study questions at the end of each tale triggers and improves critical thinking skills by encouraging readers, in some cases, to rewrite the endings. We want families to read this together.

Praise for Family StorytimE

"Great book for the entire family. Very well written and filled with relateable characters that everyone will enjoy. Great Read!"

Damien Newtown, 17
High School Senior

"This book is wonderful! It's family driven, eye opening...a way to bond with those close to you or your family."

Ragan Potts, 17
High School Senior and College student

"We really enjoyed  the Family Storytime book at our writer's meeting. The questions made for a lively discussion by  all of us adults."

Jean Denny
The Romance Poet
Renaissance Writers



Letter from the Author

How wonderful it might have been for Adam and Eve to dwell in the garden with their own special family, but God knew they needed more so he created a world of fascinating people just like you.

Keep the dream, fight the power, help the poor, embrace the rich, pick the daisies, plant the seeds, be beautiful, don’t hate, respect your elders and call your Mother!

My book is for all of you.

OC Register's 'Best Feature Story' Award


Riverside Juneteenth On The Spot Writer's Contest hosted by Abrendal Austin at 1 pm.

Free to enter

Please send an email to saying you will participate.  The Riverside Juneteenth Celebration will be held June 2nd at Bordwell ParK in Riverside, CA from 12-6pm.

RCCD student Abrendal Austin combines her past with a passion for writing as she works on her third novel

Abrendal Austin’s journey started in the 1980s after she read a story about a poor black woman and her life. (read more)