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About 'A Fugitive's Wife'

Pearce's infidelity. Park Lane's treasure. Angela's future.

Angela and Pearce were like any other happy young African American couple in Los Angeles in the early 1970s. But that all came crashing to an end when Pearce told his pregnant wife, Angela, the police were after him for a robbery he didn't commit. The young girl's heart said, "Whither thou goest..." and she left her home and family to flee with the husband she loved to Valdosta, Georgia. She settled into an isolated existence in a little community on Park Avenue.

Angela kept to herself until one morning when, nine months pregnant, she discovered Pearce was seeing another woman. Through the pain of Pearce's lies came her own awakening. Angela grew into herself, recognizing things she had denied for so long, and took dominion over her future.

This is her story.