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Reviews - 'A Fugitive's Wife'


I was thinking about you: Hi, I talked to you at the reunion, I bought and read your book, "A Fugitive's Wife". It was awesome, I didn't want to put it down. Great job, I'm looking forward to the next one.

Best wishes, Lorelei Johnson, Norwalk Ct. High School Reunion.


"I just finished reading your book.  It was A B S O L U T E L Y
AWESOME..I loved it...

"I started reading it  this morning and could not put it down.
"I feel like I really know all of the people in the book.  The people and the story twists made it one of the VERY BEST BOOKS that I have ever  read.  I can't wait to read your next book.
"YOU ARE A VERY TALENTED AUTHOR. You should submit your book to Oprah...
"I am so glad that you attended that Playa Vista Community Meeting so that we had the opportunity to meet and that you introduced me to your book.  I know the ladies in The
Playa Vista Book group will also be grateful for knowing about and reading A FUGITIVE'S WIFE..."
My LOVE...Laurette Robbins

The books are awesome. Looking forward to your next one. You will be big. Your story will touch lots of people and hopefully let others know that there is always help out there.
Keep writing.


"I just finished reading "A Fugitive's Wife", and it was extraordinary!!! Can't wait to read "On A Clear Day You Can See L.A." Loved the Angela character....Keep writing Abrendal!"

Dorothy Brown

Greetings Ms. Austin,

"I just finished reading your book, A Fugitive's Wife. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was absolutely thrilled when I saw that there's a second book in production and one in the process of being written. Once I started reading I found myself unable to put it down until I finished.

"I did have the pleasure of meeting you at the Ontario TA truck stop (west side) when I stopped to scale my load and you very patiently answered my questions about legal assistance. Thank you for having your book available for sale and for autographing it for me. I look forward to reading both the 2nd and 3rd books in the series. "

Margaret Kirchner

Good Morning Abrendal,

"I just wanted to let you know what I thought of your book "A Fugitive's Wife". I really enjoyed this story, I read the entire book in one sitting-- I couldn't put it down. What drew me to your book so much was the realness of the story. It represented things that happen in lives everyday, without the "sugar coating". I can't wait until the next one is released and I'll be waiting for you to bring me my copy personally. So hurry up and get that story to me. See you soon."

Desiree in Riverside, California

Dear Ms Austin:

"Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to help educate our audience. It is wonderful that you are utilizing your life experience to do good in the world.

"I wish you much luck and joy in your efforts and in your life."

Light and Peace
Chidi-Asika-Enahoro, Host

Love and Balance with Chidi
Voice America T Health and Wellness Channel

Hello Abrendal,

"I have had the opportunity to read your book, "A Fugitive's Wife". I really enjoyed the drama and think it would make an exellent movie."


"I really, really, enjoyed A Fugitive's Wife. Please inform me of the next book."

Gary T.

"I read the excerpt from your book and was drawn right into it. I absolutely loved it!"

Beverly Ashby


"A Fugitive's Wife is engaging and quite fascinating. It is very much in the tradition of domestic realism that characterizes Zora Neale Hurston and the early works of Alice Walker. One of its strongest aspects is the very powerful manner in which it evokes the small town of Valdosta. Every description of sound, smell, and movement contributes to and complements your apparent skills at effective storytelling, particularly African American rural communities."

I truly enjoyed your novel.

Elliott Butler-Evans, Ph.D
Emeritus/Research Professor
English Department/ Program in Comparative Literature
University of California, Santa Barbara

Hello Abrendal,

"I must tell you that your book, A Fugitive's Wife, was great which I read in two settings. My cousin, Tracey is reading it now and Norwood will read it next. My twin sister will also read it but I hope to purchase her a copy in Riverside so that she does not "keep it." I hope you will have the sequel out soon because I am in awe and suspense. Again, thanks for such a warm and interesting story which I can relate to about what happened in "our day".

Joanne, Riverside, Ca.

"This is Sylver Jones from Bronx, New York. My mother met you at the Black Theatre of art in Winston-Salem, NC. She bought your book, A Fugitive's Wife, read it and then passed it on to me. The book was wonderful! Now, I'm interested in knowing what happens to Pearce? I'm 25 with a Biology degree. I would love to be a character in your next book."

Thank you for taking time out to respond.

Sylver Jones
Bronx, New York

"I grew up in Norwalk, CT (as "Martha Jean Stanford"), and would like to let Abrendal know how much I enjoyed A Fugitive's Wife. Scenes were so effectively described that I was able to visualize myself as being in them.

"My sister, E. Lamar Stanford-Perry (formerly known as "Effie Lamar Stanford") was present at a book signing in North Carolina on August 5, 2005, at which time Abrendal signed a copy of her book for me."

I reside in Northeastern, PA but my business information is listed below.

With kind regards,
Martha J. Jimenez
Legal Secretary
Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP

Hi Abrendal!!!

"You were just in Winston-Salem, NC and a friend from Los Angeles bought your book for me---you signed it. Your book highly captured my attention and I couldn't turn it loose!!!! IT IS TOOOO GREAT---what a writer you are!!!! I want the sequel NOW!!! Why don't you plan for it to be presented as a play/performance in the National Black Theatre Festival here in Winston-Salem in 2007. It was just here the 1st of August. People from California to Florida attend this Great performance and your novel should be performed. Ella Joyce would be MARVTASTIC as the lead actress---she was just here and performed. Your book is tooo good to only be a Book---take it to a higher level and get the next one completed and soon!!!! "



Good Morning,

"How are you doing? I just want to thank you for the "Fugitives Wife"

"I really enjoyed the story, it was amazing, I read that book in 3 hours time. I couldn't put it down. I just wanted to know where can I go about getting the "to be continued..." part to this book. The author of this book has done a remarkable job in writing this novel.

"Please get back to me soon, with my information, till then I will be waiting extremely patiently. "

Thank you


Vasanti Naicker

Hi Brenda,

"It was great seeing you after so many years have passed. I am truly enjoying reading your book."

Norwalk, CT